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At a time when form, function, and technology have come together to propel personal convergent products to the forefront of consumerism, metal keys, key fobs, and the whole slew of items attached to keychains represent one of the last bastions of personal clutter. Most personal devices are getting smaller, lighter, faster, and stronger while keychains, key fobs, and remote alarms are becoming increasingly unwieldy. Recognizing this paradox, Keyport, Inc. has developed a product suite that addresses the ongoing need for the organization, access, transport, and storage of keys and other personal items (e.g. flash drive, mini-flashlight, RFID access fob, bottle opener, etc.) that we typically cram onto an overstuffed keychain.

Founded in 2005, Keyport Inc. is dedicated to creating a more compact, convenient, and stylish alternative to the traditional keychain. Keyport's introductory offering, the Keyport Slide V.01, streamlines the most important everyday personal items we carry and consolidates them into a device that allows the user to access any one with just the slide of a thumb. The Keyport infuses this traditionally utilitarian function with the opportunity to display one's personal style.




Tired of sounding like a janitor while walking down the street?  

Take the "jingle" out of your step with Keyport's swiss army knife-like solution to key access.  With Keyport you can keep the "keys" to your house, office, car or motorcycle all at your fingertips, all without taking up more space than a business card.

The "key" benefits of trading in your keys for Keyport technologies are:

• One keyport houses numerous keys using a one-size-fits-all head.
• It as small as possible for the size of a standard key blade.
• It is a durable and protective casing for your keys blades.
• It is very lightweight.
• No rattle.
• It is easier to replace keys than with a traditional keychain.
• It is expandable so that other items besides keys could be incorporated.

Keyport Slide is designed for your modern lifestyle. 


Sold exclusively in New York City at the following Paragon Security locations:

86 Christopher St. (7th Ave.)   MAP
Tel: 212-488-6590

 1483 York Ave (@ 79th St)   MAP
Tel: 646-861-1009

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